Last updated 3 Jan 2016.

Articles here are meant to be living documents and will be updated as possible.

Looking at Mad Max: Fury Road

Posted 3 Jan 2016.

Let’s take a look at what we are given in Mad Max: Fury Road and see what the inferences and implications are. We’ll assume the originals all happened but perhaps not before this movie, and we’ll allow for different actors possibly being the same character.

Freak's Guide to Seattle

Posted Dec 7th, 2015.

If you are gothic industrial person looking at visiting or moving to Seattle, this article is meant to give you at least a start for looking around at what there is to entertain yourself. It will describe some fo the basic information about the area, how to look for information yourself, and give some specifics.

History of Punk Rock, Part 2 - Britain

Posted Dec 7th, 2015.

Malcolm Mclaren, after having been a part of the NYC punk scene, moved back to London and attempted to kick start a similar thing there. He formed the Sex Pistols to be just like the New York Dolls, added in fetish clothing, and encouraged others to get in on it. The original intent was for the band to be a means of advertising his and Vivienne Westwood's shop and drive sales. Clothing was meant to be a large part and the idea of confrontational style, where just the clothing being worn would cause a reaction. This was the origin of the band's name as whatever the band was called, it had to have the name of the shop, SEX, in it and it was settled on being the Sex Pistols. Later the show and clothing would instead be a means to sell the band.


History of Punk Rock, Part 1 - NYC

Posted Dec 7th, 2015.

The first era of punk rock was a movement of NYC bands operating out of venues such as CBGBs. These bands either came from or were Inspired by earlier bands such as MC5, the Velvet Underground and Iggy Pop. They eventually developed their own style, collection of venues, and following, mostly in the NYC area. Fleeting success, often ruined by drugs managed to dampen the movement but some carried on as well as inspired a new era of punk rock.